Do You Have Acid Mouth???
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Helpful information from Dr. Oz which can help reduce 'acid mouth' - also see part 2

There are millions of people in North America walking around with a serious problem that is literally going to dissolve their teeth down to the gum line. Think it won’t happen to you? If it can painlessly sneak up on a medical doctor who is in peak condition (runs triathlons and trains with the best in the world), then it can happen to almost anyone.

You will find some very useful information related to "Acid Reflux" on the Dr. Oz website. It is an extremely important topic related to your general health (and can be devastating to your teeth as discussed in the book 'Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist'. 

Do you have any of the following 11 risk factors or warning signs of Acid Mouth:

Do you have occasional or persistent heartburn?
Persistent sore throat or raspy voice?
Are you a smoker?  
Are you pregnant or have you already given birth to several children?
Are you more than 10 pounds overweight?
Do you eat large meals or snack within 4 hours of going to bed?
Do you have trouble sleeping?
Do you have sensitive teeth?
Are your dental bills higher than you think they should be?
Do you vomit (intentionally, or due to illness, alcohol, or pregnancy) more than a few times per year?
Do you have bad breath even after you brush and floss?

If you have answered “YES” to any of these then there is a chance you have undiagnosed ACID  MOUTH. If you have answered “No” you still may be at risk, although if you are lucky the problem may be less severe.

Photo above- partial side view of a patient's teeth destroyed by acid mouth. It is common to see teeth literally rotten down to the gumline. 'Meth mouth' is a term used for those who get the same result from the use of illegal drugs.

What is Acid Mouth?

Acid Mouth is a layman’s term for any condition which causes the pH (an acidity scale) of your mouth to rise to unhealthy levels. There are many potential causes and the cures generally relate to uncovering the source of the problem. Left untreated the problem can cause or be linked to the following complications:

Higher number of teeth with tooth decay
Larger dental cavities
Faster progression of tooth decay
Discolored and spotted teeth
Greater risk of enamel spotting following orthodontic treatment (braces)
Root decay (the necks of the teeth literally rot out from under your teeth)
Premature failure of dental restorations
Higher number of root canals and extractions
Persistent sore throat
Shortening of the teeth (your smile can dissolve away)
Cancer risk is increased

Visit this link for a press release related to tooth damage from this condition.

Concerns about Fluoride Safety?
Fluoride is safe when used correctly, but it is only one of the things to consider in the treatment of the 'acid mouth' disorder.

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